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My collection of favorite stamps! :heart:


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If some people out there didn't hate me then, they sure will now. Aherm. Well.

Yes, I moved everything over to this stamps account due to ongoing issues with my old account that made full deletion a final decision on my part. I said I would never permanently delete any of my deviantART stamps off the site (and I never will, repeat NEVER WILL so you don't have to worry about seeing the dreaded "deviation in storage" sign on these stamps no matter how angry I get at this website and its users), I never said I wouldn't move them.

Really, I don't care about how many comments or views something I've made for fun and for other people to use has. I'm only sorry that I once again broke many favorites by moving the stamps, but you can easily re-add to your faves by clicking a button. And I disabled comments on most stamps because I don't read any of them. Feel free to continue posting to the profile page or folders (which I cannot do anything about) and/or any stamps that have been comments enabled, though.

Please do not come here simply to scream at me for tossing my old crap to this account and getting rid of my old one or breaking your faves/thumbs or anything. I'm no longer concerned with who's mad at me for doing what silly thing that they take far too seriously, and I'm only back here to stick things up and go away again. deviantART has become the least concern in my daily life. Not to say I deliberately want to upset people, that's kind of why I'm making sure I didn't just delete my old account along with all the stamps that were in there and give the big ol' finger to anyone who was using those stamps. In case you didn't see the above bold and caps, I won't ever delete/store these stamps!

Now, the page info once again, re-edited:

Hi, this is Stamps-By-Mephie. This is the stamps account I made for storing all my old deviant stamps in. Feel free to use them to your heart's content, I made them for people to use. You don't have to ask permission like I've seen some people doing. Yes, use them! Just please don't steal them and claim you made them or something, even though it didn't take me all that long to make any of these and they're filled with copyrighted imagery. It's still kind of a dick thing to do when you claim you did something that somebody else did. I always credit my sources.

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Stamp FAQ:bulletpink::bulletpurple:

Q: How do I use the stamps?

A: To use deviantStamps you must first have a subscription. You can then use the thumbnail code on the sidebar of the stamp to display it in full on your journal or custom area shoutbox or in deviation artist comments.

Q: Every single one of your stamps moved to here?

A: Yes. As of 2013, all my stamps are here now and this is going to be my single archive deviantART account. Nostalgic value kind of lost its hold over me. Sorry.

Q: What kind of stamps can I find here?

A: Mostly stamps of a lot of the things I like/used to like. Check my folders for details. They're a lot of just anime/cartoon/video game and character stamps. I made a lot of stamps for my own shoutboard when I had an art account here but I made some for characters or things that I didn't see had any stamps (or stamps that I liked). You're more than welcome to use any stamps I make if they're to your own liking.

Q: Do you do stamp requests?

A: No, I do not.

Q: Will you turn them into stamps for non-subscribers?

A: No, I will not. But if you want to try and make them yourself, feel free to.

Q: Do I have to only use your stamps on deviantART?

A: Yes, you can use them off of deviantART if you want to.

Q: Can I suggest your stamps to other groups?

A: You can, but I might not be around to okay permission on them after this. I don't use this account anymore and really can't say I'm going to bother coming back to check it on a regular basis.

Q: Can I fave-bomb you without you getting mad?

A: Feel free. I don't check messages anymore, I just delete all!

Q: Do I have to fave to use your stamp?

A: Nope, do whatever. All you need is the thumb. Faving is more like keeping track of it.

Q: You disabled most comments! Why?

A:Because I don't care about them! Honestly, I'm not reading anything here anymore. I don't use this account. It's become my dumping space and nothing more. I sort of don't want people to waste their time talking to empty space.

Q: But I want to comment!

A: Well, if you really want to talk to empty space, that's fine by me! You can comment wherever comments can't be disabled. Profile, folders, far as I can still tell on dA.

Q: Stop moving things, damn it!

A: I never will again, I just had to get rid of some things. But FYI, it is my gallery. I can do what I want, really. You guys are lucky I'm a nice person, if I may be so blunt and ominously hinting my pent up true feelings toward dA these days.

:bulletpink::bulletpurple: Enjoy the stamps, fave all you want, please don't be a douche around my page. Thanks!


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